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Description: Portable DVD Player

Specs: 4" screen size.

Issues: Light wear.

Code: E002

Description: Alcatel One Touch (2014)

Specs: Not much room, but works for U.S. T-Mobile Talk & Text.

Issues: None.

Code: E003

Description: Landvo

Specs: Speedy and designed for 2 sims-International, but does work in U.S.

Issues: Rubber cover has light wear.

Code: E004

Description: LG Dumbphone Tracphone Service

Specs: Tracphone dumbphone.

Issues: Brand New-just old.

Code: E005

Description: Targus Laptop Charger Adapter Kit

Specs: Laptop Charger with all the major connector types.

Issues: Brand New.

Code: E006

Description: 4GB iPod

Specs: Old no color screen. All wheel navigation.

Issues: Heavy wear, still works, no issues with battery.

Code: E007

Description: Wires

Specs: Micro USB wires and wall charger.

Issues: Old-still work.

Code: E008