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Rules of "Solomon's List"

-How It All Works-

Step 1) Contact us at: solomon.listed@gmail.com

Step 2) We will add (if you're giving), or remove (if you're receiving) a listing.

Step 3) Praise God for meeting yours and/or someone else's needs!

-These Are The Rules-

1) Don't give anything that is broken or damaged, unless the repair is considerably cheaper than buying the gift at retail (i.e. T.V. valued at $100-$250 needs a powers supply that is $15-$25).

2) Don't give anything that requires a photo ID to purchase in-store. No 18+ older gifts.

3) DO NOT give a gift that is soiled or dirty. You may not care to own it anymore, but no one should have to clean up your "gift."

4) There's no storage for these gifts at Swords For Christ. IF you need to bring the gift to church for convenience, it needs to be same-day drop-off & pick-up. No holding of gifts will be allowed.

5) No hoarding. If you take something just to have "in-case", but have no immediate need for the item, you are taking from one of God's Kids that would actually need it. God's watching. Don't be greedy.

6) No money. No Donations. No names. To make this smooth and work as efficiently as possible, you will be required to work with one person who will handle the information and make sure the gift gets handed off. If you have questions about this policy, please take it up with Brian Snider by email.

7) Get up off your keister and give. All gifts (giver, receiver & when) will be held in record. If you keep receiving, but are not giving, you will be blocked from taking anymore gifts. If you have any questions regarding this, then please take it up with Brian Snider by email. Maximum Gifts you can receive are 3. After that you will be allowed a gift based on a 1-in 1-out basis.

8) No clothes. Between sizing issues and potential quality of clothing, this simply wouldn't work.

9) Don't get weird. If you see that an item you had your eye on is removed from the list because someone got it before you, please understand that this is setup by a first-come first-served basis. Don't get mad if you missed out.

10) If you don't like the program, or the way it's run, please remember that this is a way to give to people around you. It's going to remain anonymous to protect the givers and ensure "fame and fortune" stays out of the purity of giving.

Questions? Please email: solomon.listed@gmail.com